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Businesses paying their suppliers quickly is the right thing to do – yet 98% of the UK’s top FTSE350 companies are currently falling short.

Add your name below to join our urgent call for Britain’s business to pay their suppliers faster:

I believe that the UK’s businesses must commit to paying their suppliers fairly, and quickly.

As the UK continues to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, and as 50,000 small businesses close every year due to late payments, it’s even more important than ever that businesses across the country play their part to help keep their suppliers not just surviving, but thriving.

I urge every business in the UK that is currently paying its suppliers slowly to improve their payment practices, to at least comply with the Prompt Payment Code and preferably to pay all of their suppliers faster.

    Your response will be anonymous and your name will not be displayed publicly or supplied to any employer – the petition will be used to demonstrate to the FTSE350 companies the widespread support for faster payment of suppliers. 

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