The world of commerce needs smarter solutions

Join a movement that’s shaping how suppliers experience your brand. Strengthen your supply chain and build better supplier relationships by engaging with Good Business Pays, and offer smart solutions that will help create a more sustainable, inclusive recovery.

Good Business Pays Commitments

Corporates are awarded a Good Business Pays endorsement to recognise their activism and work to change the economic landscape of B2B commerce.

Offer an accelerated payment solution to SMEs within 12 months

Make in-house data available to speed up payments

Actively collect and report on feedback from suppliers

Comply with the Prompt Payment Code

Good Business, Great Company

Join a collective of leading businesses that are backing the UK’s SMEs, building more robust supply chains and helping the economy build back stronger.

Why join the Good Businesses Pays movement

Corporates are the biggest B2B consumers of products and services from SMEs. They are fundamental to getting to fast payment to the most SMEs, quickly. Backing the Good Business Pays movement and adopting the commitments promotes a more robust supply chain, better supplier relationships and active investment in innovation and growth.

  • Association with a high profile movement that will transform the payments culture in the UK and fundamentally help SMEs
  • Be recognised as a member and get the opportunity to benefit from the publicity.
  • Right to use Good Business Pays badge of endorsement in your own marketing.