Good business is getting paid today, not tomorrow

We are a social movement that will bring the issue of unfair slow and late payments for SMEs to the top of the national agenda, encouraging supporters from right across the business community and the whole country to campaign for change.

How long do YOUR customers take to pay?

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Slow payments bankrupt small businesses

We need to come together to stop late and slow payments that hit small businesses and hold back the UK economy. Join our campaign today – and together let’s save the UK’s small businesses:

Waiting for payment handicaps the UK’s economy

It can take 90 days or more for a small business to get paid by larger corporates. During this time, we are using valuable cash resources to pay for people, materials, shipping and all the related costs of running a business. On top of this, we have to spend time calling customers and chasing payment: have they received our invoice, has it been approved, will it make the pay run?

Ending late payments by paying small businesses sooner will free up cash. Cash to meet the costs of doing business. Cash that, today, often has to be borrowed at premium rates from banks and other sources.

If you believe in doing the right thing by small businesses or would like to see companies such as your own have more choice as to when you receive invoice payment, please add your voice and join the movement.