Whether you are a large multi-national or an SME startup, at Good Business Pays we believe that it is in everyone’s interest to tackle the issue of slow and late payment.


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Who Cares?

Can late payment culture be an alarm signal of wider problems in a business?

Author: Terry Corby, Founding CEO, Good Business Pays CIC

Published: June 2023

In a report that unmasks the shocking payment culture at some of the UK’s highest profile business failures, Good Business Pays argues for greater transparency of company payment performance for investors and company directors…

The report is available to download for free below.

Understanding Payment Culture

Insights from the Fastest Paying Companies in the UK

Author: Terry Corby, Founding CEO, Good Business Pays CIC

Published: October 2022

Last year, we identified just over 100 companies that were doing a great job at paying their suppliers fast and on time. We only considered those who were paying suppliers in 27 days or less and who were paying 95% or more of their invoices within agreed terms.

We wanted to understand if there were any other characteristics these Fast-Payers share, beyond paying their suppliers fast. We looked at a whole number of factors for all the Fast-Paying companies.

Our findings were quite surprising…

You can download the report below:

Understanding Payment Culture Report 2022