Fast Payer Awards

At Good Business Pays, we wanted to make sure that the companies who are fast payers of their invoices are recognised. We have launched the inaugural Fast Payer Awards and these have been awarded to four companies. To be accredited with the Fast Payer Award, FTSE 350 companies and their subsidiaries need to be able to show that over the last 12 months they paid their suppliers in less than 30 days, as well as paying 95% or more of all invoices on time.

We are happy to announce that the four FTSE350 companies who are accredited with the Fast Payer Award for 2021 are:

The Fast Payer Award is going to be awarded to companies on a 6 monthly basis. Out of all FSTE 350 companies, with only four companies receiving the award, we want to see an improvement in payment practices by the other 99% of companies. We want to accredit more Fast Payer Awards!